Inspection guidelines

Oiva evaluation guidelines

The Oiva evaluation guidelines are intended for official use by the municipal food inspectors. The guidelines function as an aid to the inspectors when determining the Oiva grades. Companies can also utilise the guidelines to assist in the planning of their operations. There are two sets of evaluation guidelines:

  1. For registered food premises (opens in a new tab), including sales, serving and industrial production of foodstuffs (cereals, vegetables, fruit, berries, drinks, processed foods, dietary supplements, special formulae for particular nutritional uses) as well as packing, transport and storage.
  2. For approved food establishments (opens in a new tab), including milk and dairy and meat product establishments as well as fishery and egg establishments.

Other control instructions provided by the Finnish Food Authority can be accessed on the Finnish Food Authority website: Guides, instructions and forms (opens in a new tab)

Changes to the evaluation guidelines

1 July 2021 The guidelines for both the registered food premises and approved food establishments have been updated; please refer to the web page of the relevant guideline set for more details.

Muokattu 25.4.2023