In the vicinity of the entrance

  • The report must be displayed in the vicinity of the entrance, in its immediate surroundings or in another suitable location for consumer when the consumer visits the food establishment. The entrance means the outside door, or in larger building premises, such as shopping centres or schools, the door leading to the company, another entrance or other company premises suited for the purpose.

  • The report is placed such that it is at an appropriate height and easy for consumers to read. The purpose is that the consumer can take a look at the report before making a purchase decision.

  • The Oiva report to be displayed is the original report which has been posted to the company together with the inspection report. The Oiva report is to be displayed immediately upon its arrival at the company.

  • If the company has had several inspections conducted, such as a repeat inspection, the most recent Oiva report shall be placed at the entrance. Outdated reports do not need to be displayed.

  • If the company has been recently established, the report will be posted to the company within two weeks.

  • If an inspection in line with the Oiva system has not yet been conducted at the company, the Oiva report for the following inspection will be displayed.

  • The Oiva report shall be displayed at the main entrance, if there are several entrances to the company’s premises. If the company’s entrances are in equal frequency of use, the company can determine the entrance where the Oiva report will be displayed.

  • The companies that have not yet had an inspection conducted in accordance with the Oiva system, can display a notification on the entrance of the company on them belonging to regular food control. This notification will then be replaced with the Oiva report which will be received after the first inspection in line with the Oiva system has been conducted. The notification can be printed out from the right-hand side column.

  • If the Oiva report has been lost or otherwise destroyed, please contact the inspector or control unit who conducted the inspection and request them to re-send you the Oiva report.

Muokattu 27.3.2020