On the website

  • The Oiva reports must be linked on the company’s website for consumers to view. The link shall be placed on a prominent location on the home page so that it is easy to spot.

  • The link must lead to the www.oivahymy.fi/find companies page (Evira RegulationNo. 2/2016) where Oiva reports for the company are published.

  • Alternatively, you can access the oivahymy.fi website’s Find companies function to download and save the company’s Oiva reports in PDF format and add them on the company’s website. In such a case, if the inspections have been conducted within a period of three years, the Oiva reports for the most recent inspection must be added to the website.

  • For such linking, the companies can use the Oiva seal logo which can be found as a banner in the image bank. In other words, the image can function as a link to the reports, thus directing the consumer to the www.oivahymy.fi/find companies website. The image can be downloaded by the companies only for the purpose of providing the link. The Oiva logo may not be used for marketing purposes.

  • When the company is selling its products online, the company’s home page is comparable to a store’s entrance, and the Oiva report or link must be displayed on the website’s front page.

Muokattu 27.3.2020