General information about Oiva

What Oiva is:

  • Oiva provides a way to inform consumers about the control results of food industry operators.

  • The inspection results for the food industry operators are published by using emoticons (smileys) on this website as the food control authorities conduct their inspections.

  • In the Oiva system, the food control authorities evaluate the food safety of companies.

  • Oiva is a publication system for food-control inspection information coordinated by the Finnish Food Authority.

What Oiva is not:

  • Oiva is not about evaluating the level of customer service or other services or the taste of food.

  • Oiva does not amend legislative requirements or provide interpretations of regulations.

  • Matters inspected in companies do not change on the basis of inspections carried out in line with the Oiva system.

If you have any questions regarding Oiva:

Muokattu 20.4.2021