Display of the Oiva report

In the vicinity of the entrance

The most recent Oiva report (original) must be displayed in the vicinity of the customer entrance so that the consumer can read it easily. If you have not received the Oiva report or the report has been damaged or lost, you can request a new report by contacting your local health inspector. Please read the guideline.

On the company’s website

When a food industry company markets foodstuffs on its website, the entrepreneur must publish an electronic version of the three latest Oiva reports on the food industry company’s website, if the inspections have been conducted during a period of three years. The Oiva reports must be placed on the website’s home page so that they are easy for the consumers to see. Electronic Oiva reports can be linked to the website either in PDF format or by providing a link to the oivahymy.fi/find companies website. Please read the guideline.

On the Oivahymy.fi/find companies page

Oiva reports are published in the search function 10 days after their completion. The inspector sends the Oiva report via post and by email to one email address. This will allow the operator to read the report before it is published. Please read the guideline.

Notification on belonging to regular food control

The operator must submit a notification to the municipal food control authorities before setting up a food business. The supervising authority shall register the food establishment in the control information system. The first inspection will be conducted within six months of the receival of the notification.


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