What is Oiva?

Oiva is a publication system for food-control information coordinated by the Finnish Food Authority. Oiva encourages companies to ensure their food hygiene and product safety. In everyday operations Oiva is the most visible in publishing Oiva reports of inspections conducted by the food inspectors. Inspections are carried out in accordance with the Oiva evaluation guidelines. Oiva is based on the valid regulations as set forth in the food legislation, and no additional requirements are placed on a company’s operation or the operator’s responsibilities when following the Oiva system instructions. Oiva harmonises inspection practices throughout Finland.

General information about Oiva

The page has a link to the guidelines written for the Oiva system. We have gathered here some information on the publication of control information directed at the operators.

Display of the Oiva report

The page provides information on the display of the Oiva report in the vicinity of the company’s entrance, on its website and in the oivahymy search function. Read the instructions on the display of the report.

Inspection guidelines

The Oiva evaluation guidelines function as an aid to the inspectors when determining the Oiva grades. Companies can also utilise the guidelines to assist in the planning of their operations. Partly due to the differences in legislation, the registered food premises and approved food establishments have been provided with different sets of guidelines. Read more on the evaluation guidelines.

Frequently asked questions for companies

This page provides answers to the operators’ most frequently asked questions about the Oiva system. For example, what to do when I have misplaced the Oiva report, the Oiva report has not been compiled on the basis of the inspection, the marketing name of the company has been indicated incorrectly in the Oiva report etc.

Image bank

The images are meant solely for non-commercial use. The images are available to the press for use in connection with articles on the Oiva system when the source is cited. The source should be cited in the images in the following format “Image: Finnish Food Authority”. Printable images and photos can be requested at oivaposti@ruokavirasto.fi.

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