How to read the Oiva report

Review all the grades instead of just the overall result

The Oiva report includes several emoticon grades, not just one emoticon. Emoticons are provided as results for all the inspected topical areas. Each topical area can include several inspected issues, but the weakest grade of the entire topical area will be displayed to the consumer. In addition, the report will display the result of the most recent inspection as well as the result of the two previous inspections, if such have been conducted.

The most recent inspection result will be determined on the basis of the weakest grade. The report can contain several smiling emoticons, even if one topical-area result would be shown as a less favourable emoticon. Comparisons with preceding results indicate any potential changes in the grades.

Quantity and result of inspected issues in numbers

Of inspections carried out since 2016, the Oiva report is accompanied with the quantity of inspected issues and their results in numbers, for example, Excellent 9 results, Good 1 result, etc. These numbers allow the companies which have received the same results to be differentiated at a quick glance.

Read the Oiva observations

During the inspection, the food inspector records a written Oiva observation on the report. The Oiva observation provides a short description of the observations made by the inspector on the inspected issues, such as “cleaning equipment in good condition”. The Oiva observations allow you to read in more detail why the given grade is not Excellent.

By reviewing all the inspection results and reading all the Oiva observations, you can get a more detailed picture of a company’s level of food safety.

Muokattu 27.3.2020