The Oiva system

  • Oiva is a publication system for food-control inspection information coordinated by the Finnish Food Authority. Inspection on the basis of the Oiva system are conducted by the municipal food inspectors and veterinary inspectors in accordance with the control plan.

  • The control results are published as the municipal food inspectors conduct the inspections. In the Oiva system, the company’s food safety, such as food hygiene and product safety, is evaluated using emoticons. In order to obtain the best smile, you are required to adhere to the law. Whenever Oiva smiles, the consumer can be sure that the company is on top of food safety.

  • The Oiva system makes the inspection procedures more uniform, because the food inspectors around Finland conduct the inspection in accordance with the same Oiva evaluation guidelines. The inspections become more targeted and quicker, and the risk-based aspect of the inspections is emphasized. The inspections are also primarily carried out without any advance notification. Issues to be inspected in companies do not change due to inspections carried out in line with the Oiva system.

  • The publication of the control information aims to increase the transparency of control and to provide consumers access to the food-control inspection results. The goal is also to increase awareness of food control and to enhance its effectiveness. Oiva encourages companies to ensure their food hygiene and product safety. This also opens up a possibility for the companies to inform consumers about their operation.

Muokattu 27.3.2020